An American in Paris, a Vegetarian in Madrid

Hello dear readers! So, I’ve been traveling again, this time to Europe. Hence my lack of posts. They will resume when I return, I promise. 🙂 For now I’m busy sightseeing and culture-experiencing, all while attempting to feed myself…it turns out traditional Spanish fare is very meat-centric. Ah well, at least there’s Sangrias. 😉

What are your tricks for eating balanced vegetarian meals while traveling?


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  1. Don’t know if you’ve left Paris yet, but I assume you’ve checked out David Liebowitz’s post on vegetarian Paris:

    It was originally written in 2008, but he’s keeps updating it.

    Also, while a vegetarian might have to pick and choose, you might want to glance at the menu of the Provencal restaurant Chez Janou, not far from the Place des Vosges. Several of their Provencal specialties might do the trick–and an absolutely AMAZING selection of pastis, in case you need to drink yourself senseless while watching other chow down around you.


  2. I’m typically in Italy or the UK – both of which have been surprisingly veggie-friendly even when I haven’t expected it. UK has some delicious vegan curry dishes and Italy has lots of good spaghetti marinara! I’ve never been to Spain but I would suggest trying out a deli or cafe for a good veggie sandwich. This always seems to work well at lunch when I’ve been in Europe but again, I’m not sure how Spain compares!

    • Thanks Vanessa! How sweet of you to help me. 🙂 Now I totally need to go to Italy or the UK! Turns out Spain isn’t exactly veggie-friendly, but I got by just fine with some fantastic cheese and olive tapas. This was so thoughtful of you – thanks again!

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